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Sadhana & Service Report

If you wish that I help you in your sadhana and service, you can write me periodically with a sadhana and service report (follow the guidelines below). I will read what you have written, make comments to help you, and also answer any questions you may have.

Hare Krsna, Mahatma Das

1) Your sadhana. This would include such things as how many rounds you are chanting daily, the time you are rising, what sadhana you are doing daily (attending temple programs,doing home puja, having a morning program at home program – and what they consists of, how much time you spend reading sastra, classes, seminars or workshops you attended, and other things of this nature.

2) What services you did in past month and what, if any, services you are planning on doing in the next month (includes how you may plan to expand currents services, new projects you wish to start, etc).

3) Any regular programs you are attending (nama hatta, Sunday feast, SB class, etc.)

4) What realizations you had. (This could even be a sort of negative realization such as “I realize how strong maya is because I have not been strict enough with my sadhana.”)

5) Any challenges you are going through and how you think you can better deal with them.

6) And question(s) you may wish to ask (optional).

7) Anything else you wish to tell me.

Doing this monthly will allow me to better help you and also will strengthen our connection.

You may use the below form to facilitate submission of your sadhana chart. This will come directly into my inbox.

I hope this meets you well.

PS: Also, whenever you face difficulties, don’t hesitate to write to me. I am not disturbed when you write to me with your problems, rather I am disturbed if your problems persist and you don’t write/allow me to help you.

Sadhana report in Spanish – reporte mensual