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What’s on this site

Over the years I have become increasingly concerned that many devotees, however well they may know the philosophy of Krsna consciousness, have had difficulty living it. How do we cultivate bhakti while living and working in a world that seems to undermine our spiritual progress? What are the step-by-step processes for controlling our minds, disciplining ourselves, and imbibing Krishna consciousness more deeply?

These concerns led me to develop seminars that focus more on the “how to” than on the “we should” aspect of Krsna consciousness. My web site represents this particular approach to bhakti. Here you will find articles, exercises, audio and video of classes and discussions that approach Krsna consciousness in this way, as well as information on seminars, online courses, and retreats that I have developed. You will also find a link to hear and download my recorded music.

Hare Krsna,
Mahatma das