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Workshops for Corporates

Workshops for Organizations, Businesses and Corporations

Corporate workshops are done by Mahatma Prabhu’s company, Soul Tools Corporate. The following describes the philosophy behind Soul Tools Corporate and the courses they offer.

Companies hire skills and intelligence, but they also hire flawed human beings who waste up to 70 percent of their company’s energy on negative and unproductive thoughts and behavior. Corporations today are wasting their greatest resource, human capital.

Warren Buffet said you look for three things when you hire an individual: intelligence, energy and integrity. And if you don’t have the last one the first two will ruin you.

Research confirms this. 75% of job success is predicted by an individual’s optimism, ability to support others and positive attitude. Intelligence and skills are simply not the main indicators of success.

Society is producing graduates with knowledge and talent, but not individuals with the qualities needed to succeed in the corporate world.

Our educational system teaches students to compete to succeed. It might work in school but it undermines success in the workplace.

Blame and fault finding are commonplace. Interpersonal skills are sorely lacking in today’s world. Too many people can’t work well with others.

And the list of negatives goes on.

Successful people are different. Soul Tools trains people to think and act differently.

The Solution

Learning new skills and information is not the solution. Transformation on a deeper level is essential.

A nation’s culture lies in the hearts and soul of its people. ~ Gandhi

The same is true for every company.

Soul Tools transforms a company’s culture by transforming consciousness. This is the Soul Tools difference.

Our Shifting the Energy System turns around negative attitudes, beliefs and behaviors.

Research shows that when employees are positive and happy not only does this affect the bottom line, but every single business outcome improves! Thus, changing consciousness is the ultimate competitive advantage.

Soft skill training alone is insufficient and artificial. Results are minimal and do not endure because focus is primarily on acquiring skills. The Shifting the Energy System is unique because soft skills become natural by-products of transforming consciousness.

When people are better, relationships improve. When relationships improve, communication, support and teamwork improves.

When people are better, their perception changes. They see opportunities where they once saw problems or obstacles.

When people are better, they bring the best part of themselves to work. Creativity, inspiration and focus replace drudgery, distraction and lack of enthusiasm.

Soul Tools specializes in changing attitudes and behavior at the core level. When applied throughout your organization results are dramatic.

Why This Works?

People bring their “human nature” to work. We show them how to operate from their “higher divine nature.” Employees thus connect with the most passionate, creative and positive parts of themselves. As they shift their energy they shift the energy of the entire company.

How We Help Leaders

Employees want someone to inspire them to be what they know they can be. Therefore, we help your leaders become coaches rather than mere bosses. Most importantly, we help your leaders get people to work with you, not for you. One capable person working with your company is worth ten working for it.

Our Trainings and Courses

We work with you to determine the course(s) best suited to your organization’s needs and challenges. This may also include pre and post course interviews as well as follow-up coaching.

Our foundational course, Shifting the Energy – The power of positive, eliminates disempowering negative attitudes and behaviors by transforming consciousness in a way that naturally fosters good relationships, positive attitudes, and high levels of integrity. This frees up wasted negative energy that can be put to positive use.

All our other courses utilize the Shifting the Energy model.

We also offer Train the Trainer programs to insure that leaders continue to implement the course material.

We have taught our courses at such Companies as Google, Intel, Cisco and the Indian Air Force.

We look forward to working with you and demonstrating the unique effectiveness of our Shifting the Energy paradigm.

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Our full programs cover the topics listed below. These individual topics can also be presented as a keynote address, a lecture, or a seminar –

Being Better Than Yourself: Insights into why and how we overcome our limits.

Change: Why we resist it, why it is so difficult to do, and how to master it.

Change the Culture, Change the Game: How your culture determines your results.

Claim Your Happiness: Twelve seemingly counter-intuitive principles that awaken the happiness within you.

Consciousness Upgrade 2.0: Living life in higher awareness.

Don’t Compromise Your Principles: Integrity in life and business as an indispensible success tool

Empower Others: How to be a catalyst for others growth and success.

Enlightened Leadership: Leading from a higher consciousness

Forgive to Live: Forgiveness as the biggest game changer ever.

How to Cooperate When You Can’t : Higher consciousness principles of collaboration based on self reflection and freedom of ego.

Less is More: Eliminating what’s not important and tapping into the power simplicity and focus.

Lifestyle Management : Balancing work, family life and recreation

Manage Your Mind and Emotions: Control your life or life will control you.

Managing the Ego: Shifting from falsity to authenticity

Managing the Spirit: Aligning your life with your higher self

People, Planet and Profit: Why when you take care of the first two, the third takes care of itself.

Success Principles of Sacred Literature: Universal success laws that have always worked – and always will.

The Power of Positive: Why negativity is ruining your life- and how to shift it.

Train the Trainer : Learn to create incredibly effective, fun and impactful presentations.

Uplift Yourself, Uplift the World: Changing your outer world starts with changing your inner world.

Your Team: Why some teams rock and others struggle to be average.