Illuminations 82- What to Pray For and How Krishna Reciprocates With Our Prayers

Srila Bhakti Siddhanta Sarasvati Thakura used to pace back and forth on his balcony and pose questions to himself, and then answer them. I do the same in this newsletter. I … [Read More...]

Illuminations 81 – Discipleship

  Below is an article by His Holiness Varsana Swami. I liked this article so much that I wanted to share it with everyone, so I decided to send it as this month's … [Read More...]

Illuminations 80 – Reasons We Blame or Criticize Others

Why do we criticize others? Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur said that we seek out the defects of others because of our “utter absence of humility.” But why would we … [Read More...]

Illuminations 79 – Don’t Die with Your Music in You

Dear All, Last month I finished a series of online classes on Finding Your Dharma. Devotees often ask, "How do I know my nature and how do I find my inspiration?"   This … [Read More...]

Click here for Japa affirmations audio

These Japa affirmations encapsulate the essence of my Japa retreat in the form of affirmations. Many devotees have found these affirmations greatly helpful in going more deeply into their Japa.


About Being Present to the Holy Names

Being present means to feel what you are feeling, see what you are seeing, hear what you are hearing, and taste what you are tasting. In other words, your mind is not somewhere else during these … [Read More...]

A Real Man

If your wife or husband says that I don't like something that you do, if you're smart you will listen carefully. It is the principle of a good relationship: you want to make the other person happy. (And … [Read More...]

Cooperation is Higher Than Integrity

Today I heard a wonderful story. A devotee wrote Prabhupada because his disagreed with the tactics devotees were using to raise donations, tactics supported by the Temple President. He expressed his … [Read More...]

Japa Samskaras

We want to build positive japa samskaras (habits) through regular good japa practices. Once we develop positive japa habits, our japa will naturally be good – the way we always chant japa. However, if we … [Read More...]

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Yoga of forgiveness

Forgiveness is not Logical

We get stuck with forgiving when looking for logical reasons to forgive. We often say, “I can't forgive” or “I don't know how to forgive” because we are looking … [Read More...]

Dealing with Anger

Dealing with Anger By Arcana Siddhi The Core of Anger In 1976 I had my first boil. Beneath my skin emerged a red swollen protrusion about an inch in … [Read More...]

The Compassion Exercise

The Compassion Exercise Instructions: Pick a person who has hurt you and run the following five steps on them.. Step 1 With attention on the person, … [Read More...]

Radharani and Forgiveness

Lord Indra was worried Maharaja Prthu might steal away some of his power and prestige, so  he stole one of the horses for the sacrifice that Prthu was doing,and … [Read More...]


Kitchri and Gumpsha

Kitchri and Gumpsha Verse 1 I’m was flying high on Krsna And everything was fine But somewhere along the way Ambition entered my mind So I … [Read More...]


Ramyana in Poetry -By Mahatma Das It was the night before the coronation, Prince Ram to be crowned Ayodhya’s king, Amidst the joy and celebration Ram’s … [Read More...]

My Conversation With Krsna

I called up Krsna the other day because I was having a really hard time. There were so many things going wrong and I couldn’t understand why. So I said, “Krsna, … [Read More...]


Maya Mistress of Illusion Based on Srila Prabhupada’s Teachings She is the mistress of all material things We think we’re free but she is pulling the … [Read More...]

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