• Positive thoughts are like a turbo engine under your feet pushing you towards Krishna.

  • If you ingest resentment, then you feed on revenge. If you ingest fear, then you feed on hesitation.

  • If you want to be Krsna conscious, nothing will stop you. If you don’t want to be Krsna conscious, nothing can help you.

  • If everyone focuses on the faults of others rather than focus on their own faults, nothing improves.

  • Krsna will help us to the degree we have the intention, and make the effort, to improve. 

  • Association with devotees is essential for becoming Krsna conscious. Therefore, not getting along well with devotees will pose a huge problem for our spiritual advancement.

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Yoga of Forgiveness

Letter Excerpts

  • Anger towards children

    H G Mahatma Prabhu here writes to a devotee how to deal with children when they don’t listen and what to do when that might makes us angry.. Nothing can make you angry if you don’t allow it. Don’t teach your children to respond to situations with anger; teach them to respond with kindness, understanding […]

  • Baby Steps

    Here H G Mahatma Prabhu very kindly acknowledges, converses, and encourages a devotee who was upset with the way life was for that devotee.. Devotee: Hare Krsna Mahatma Prabhuji, due to personal reasons I was upset and impulsively wrote you the last message. Mahatma Prabhu: Yes, it did seem you were upset. Devotee: I was […]

  • Cause of our anger

    Here H G Mahatma Prabhu very scrutinizingly teaches a devotee the cause of the anger and how to extinguish it. It may seem that external situations cause us to become angry, but no situation or person can cause something to come out of us that doesn’t exist within us. Anger is not out there; it’s […]

  • Face Yourself

    This is a short response given by H G Mahatma Prabhu to a devotee who wanted to know how to deal and balance the wanted and unwanted in one’s life. The truth always lies somewhere in the middle. When you find yourself being too one sided, understand that you may be blocking out a part […]

  • Bumps in the road

    Here, H G Mahatma Prabhu advises to a devotee who found that life was full of challenges and that too tough ones. What you are experiencing are bumps in the road. Please tolerate them and use this time as an opportunity to become stronger and more Krsna conscious. We need these challenges to grow. My […]

  • React to Anger

    In this letter H G Mahatma Prabhu replies to a devotee who wanted to know how to react when one gets angry? The dilemma for this devotee was to how to behave when others are seen not to behave properly although there is an intellectual understanding to not get angry and to tolerate. H G […]

  • Anger Control

    In this letter H G Mahatma Prabhu replies to a devotee who is inquisitive as to how to understand and control anger. Anger is a secondary emotion. There is something deeper that causes your anger. In other words, your anger is a by-product of another emotion. What do you think is the cause of your […]

  • Abusive Husbands

    In this letter H G Mahatma Prabhu replies to a devotee who had an abusive husband and it was becoming difficult for her to tolerate the whims and abuses of her husband and was trying to seek advise. I am sorry to hear about the way your husband treats you. Whenever I hear of such […]

  • 16 Rounds

    In this letter H G Mahatma Prabhu replies to a devotee who explains that it is sometimes difficult to chant 16 rounds a day because she is a stay home mother with a young child. It’s a matter of making a resolve to do 16 rounds and then adjusting your life to support that resolve. […]

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