Transforming through forgiveness

 Transformation Through Forgiveness

Making peace with your karma

When we keep a record of the wrongs that have been done to us, we often don’t realize how much we are hurting ourselves. Resentment harms relationships, hampers enthusiasm for life, and keeps us in a victim mentality. It can even hurt our health. In short, it’s just not good for us.


Transformation Through Forgiveness is a hands-on workshop that takes you through spiritually based processes that enable you to completely forgive.

And you can use these processes for the rest of your life.

You will learn:

  • To isolate what it is about you that makes it difficult for you to forgive and see how that affects your other relationships.
  • To view hurt as a wonderful opportunity to grow in compassion and empathy.
  • That you do have a choice to forgive and that forgiveness is easier than you might imagine.
  • To see how an unforgiving heart is only hurting yourself and no one else.
  • That hurt provides many wonderful lessons which enhance our lives.

And much more

We know we should forgive, yet it can be difficult to let go. That’s because resentment is the weapon we use to punish others. But we are really just punishing ourselves.


Ask yourself: “Am I willing to waste my energy further on my resentment?” Too many of us do this. I developed this seminar because I saw a great need in the world to deal with this issue.

“Many many thanks for your transforming seminar. You have equipped me with some fantastic tools in my life. I notice now just how much I need them and I wonder how I ever got through life without them!” Shalina London, Enlgand

As long as we want to punish, we haven’t forgiven. As long as we need to talk again and again about those who hurt us, we haven’t forgiven. As long as we have a story to tell over and over of how we were mistreated, exploited, devalued, or betrayed, we haven’t forgiven. And we are the ones paying the price for this.

 Do you have a story to tell? Do you still hold a grudge? Is there some person, group or organization you haven’t totally forgiven? If so, this seminar will be life changing for you.

 “This course has been a huge help. In fact, I am excited about the priceless treasure with which I am leaving. My heart is transformed and freed. My deepest gratitude to Mahatma Das. Everyone should take this course.” Irene Mills