Be Conscious, then Krsna Conscious

First Be Conscious, Then Be Krsna Conscious

A Krsna conscious self-development course

Although we have faith in the teachings of our sastras and acaryas, we don’t always live these teachings well. Our thoughts, attitudes and behaviors often undermine the very principles and practices we hold dear to our hearts.

Do you sometimes feel like you have one foot in one boat and the other in another – neither really into material life but yet neither fully embracing Krsna consciousness?

Do you sometimes instruct others to follow practices of Krsna consciousness that you don’t (or can’t) always follow yourself?

These are realities we all face, and they can cause discouragement, guilt or shame. And when they do, we are not happy with ourselves.

Is there a solution?

This workshop has been designed to provide insightful and effective solutions to these, and other similar challenges we face.

The workshop is divided into four sections:


  • Understanding the value, benefit and importance of honest self-examination.
  • Accepting your faults and inadequacies without being discouraged by them.
  • Understanding the difference between real and false humility, spiritual unworthiness and low self-esteem, and spiritual self-confidence and pride.
  • Turning discouragement into excitement.
  • Mastering the power of your own will.


  • How and why you need to succeed in all areas of your life: sadhana, service, work, family, fitness and finance.
  • How and why your spiritual life suffers when you are out of balance in any of the above areas.
  • What is your role in making things happen? Understanding what depends on you and what depends on the mercy of guru and Krsna.
  • Distinguishing the subtle differences between spiritual enjoyment and the desire to be the enjoyer.
  • Balancing contradictory emotions. (“I want to be humble but I want recognition.”)


  • Your actions, not your words, truly reveal your beliefs.
  • Becoming aware of the attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that are out of alignment with your goals.
  • Effectively dealing with the guilt and shame that result from not always living up to your ideals.
  • Using the power of remorse to overcome unwanted behaviors and attitudes.
  • Integrating what you believe with how you live your life.


§  Prabhupada’s mission and your place in it. §  Manifest greater levels of compassion in all your dealings.

  • The importance and power of being a living example of what you preach.
  • Self-confidence means confidence in Krsna’s power.
  • Preaching as self-purification.
  • Connecting with your dharma (inner gifts) in Srila Prabhupada’s service.

Whatever manifests in your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. In this workshop you explore your inner world and how it manifests externally in your sadhana, service and preaching – and in your other activities and relationships.

In this workshop you will:

  • Discover internal blocks you may not be presently aware of.
  • Learn to take complete responsibility for all outcomes in your life
  • Understand the psychology of success and employ it both your material and spiritual life
  • Overcome the tendency to put others down by understanding the needs you are trying to fulfill by criticizing others.
  • Connect with inspiring goals for your life and service.
  • Make internal changes that will naturally support your goals.
  • Do the above while maintaining a healthy balance in your life.