Like A Lotus Flower

Like A Lotus Flower

Based on Analogies Found in Srila Prabhupada’s Books Comparing Krsna to a Lotus Flower

Intro – Lotus One

Your face is beautiful
Like a lotus flower
Your eyes are wide
Just like a lotus petal
Your lips are red
Like a lotus flower
And Your smile is pleasing
Like a young lotus flower

Lotus face
Lotus One
Lotus eyes
Red like the sun
Lotus lips
Lotus smile
Lotus glance
Soothing and mild

The soles of Your feet
Are like a pink lotus flower
Your feet are as soft
As a tender lotus flower
Your feet are fragrant
Just like lotus flower
And your toenails are like
The petals of a lotus flower

Lotus soles
Lotus feet
Red and soft
Smelling so sweet

Lotus toenails
Ever so bright
Seeing Your feet
Removes all fright

From Your navel grows
A huge lotus flower
Your body is beautiful
Like a blue lotus flower
You always wear garlands
Of fresh lotus flowers
And Your lotus plam holds
A special lotus flower

Lotus navel
Lotus palms
Lotus garland
Hanging down to Your arms
Lotus body colored deep blue
Like the lotus flower so beautiful

When I see the lotus flower
It reminds me of you

Like a lotus flower
Repeat 3 times

Lotus One