Bhagavad Gita Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Bhagavad Gita


Practice devotion with attachment to Me

And You can know Me in full, undoubtedly

Out of many thousands of perfected men

Hardly ones truly knows Me as I am

I am the source of all that is here

I am the one who makes it disappear.

There’s is nothing beyond Me, I am the head-

All rests upon Me like pearls on a thread.

The taste of water, the life of all that lives,

The nourishing light the sun always gives,

The sound in either, ability in man-

Of all that exists, the best is what I am.

The life of all life, the heat of the fire,

The strength of the strong free of lust and desire,

The seed of existence, the prowess of man-

These are some more ways to see what I am.

All states of being come only from Me

Although I am everything, still I am free

This divine nature is hard to subdue

But surrender to Me and you’ll pass on through

(This divine nature is hard to supress

But those who surrender to Me, pass the test)

After many births, one in full knowledge

Comes to know that I’m the cause of all causes

He surrenders, seeing Me everywhere

Such a great soul is indeed very rare

Wanting a boon, foolish men surrender

To God’s lesser than I and service render

Yet they only achieve transient gain

Eternal life my devotees attain

Less intelligent men who don’t know My course

Think I come from an impersonal source

Such foolish people can’t see My real form

I cover their eyes so they think I am born

I know everything that happened in the past

All that happens now and what the future casts

I also know all living entities (beings)

But no one knows My personality

Everyone is born in a deluded state

Perplexed by the force of desire and hate

Pious souls freed from sinful inclination

Engage in My service with determination

Those who are fully conscious of Me,

Knowing Me as the controller of all that be

And of sacrifice and of the demigod’s power

Can know Me even at death’s final hour