Bhagavad Gita Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Bhagavad Gita

1) This knowledge was received by a succession

   Of master to disciple by aural reception

2) The saintly kings also knew it in that way

   But the line was broken and is lost today

3) I am telling you that very science again

   Because you are my devotee and my dear friend

   As such, you can understand that mystery

   Of My relationship with every living entity

6) Although I am undying and unborn

   I appear in every age in my original form

7) Whenever I see religious practice wane

   And irreligion rise, I come to this plane

9) One who knows the truth of my pastimes and birth

   (Transcendent yet manifest now on this earth)

   Transcendental yet now displayed on this earth

   When leaving the body, never takes birth again

   For he attains my abode, O Arjuna My friend

10) Being free attachment, anger, and fear

     Fully absorbed in Me and take refuge here

     Many people in the past achieved purity

     By knowledge and thus attained love for Me

11) To the measure that one surrenders to Me

     I reciprocate with each accordingly

     In all respects, everyone follows My way

     Some do it by force and some do what I say

13) By nature’s modes and the work meant for them

     I have created four divisions of men

     Although I’ve created this social division

     I stay aloof in my changeless position

(Work on this)

14) There is no work that has any affect on Me

     (Karma can have no effect upon Me)

     Nor do I desire the fruits of activity

     One who understands this truth in fact

     Is never entangled in fruitive acts

Needs work – add he who is

22) One who’s satisfied with what naturally comes

     Who’s free from duality, and envies no one

     Who is steady in both success and failure

     Is never entangled in any endeavor

34) Try to learn the truth from a spiritual guide

     Humbly ask questions, by his orders abide

     The self realized soul can give knowledge to you

     Because his divine eyes have seen what is true

36) On receiving this truth, you’ll actually see

     That all living beings are part and parcel of Me

     Even if you are the most sinful of men

     The boat of knowledge will help you transcend

38) In this world nothing is so pure and sublime

     As knowledge that yields the fruit of wisdom divine

     For those with devotion this knowledge is revealed

     Along with the pleasure this knowledge does yield

39) A man of faith dedicated in this way,

     With senses subdued will achieve peace today

40) But faithless persons who doubt Me are vexed

     They find no bliss in this life or the next

42) Therefore the doubts which have risen in your heart

     Born of ignorance must now be cut out

     With the weapon of knowledge, show your might

     Armed with yoga, Bharata, stand and fight