Bhagavad Gita Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Bhagavad Gita

Arjuna still doubting, eyes brimming with tears

Inquired from Lord Krsna regarding his fears

How could I kill or even dishonor

Men I should worship like Bhisma and Drona?

The lot of a beggar would be better for me

Than to profit from killing those before me

I cannot decide what is more condemned

Being conquered or else conquering them

What is my duty? There’s so much confusion

I am lost and weakened by illusion

I beg you, please, tell me what should I do?

I am now your disciple and surrender to you

Arjuna doing what he felt surely was right

Told the Lord, “Govinda, I shall not fight”

Now Krsna will show Arjuna how he’s wrong

Thus flows the nectar of the Lord’s own song

Lord Krsna said:

While you speak I can see you are forlorn

Those who are wise are never found to mourn

We have always existed, just try to see

In the future we shall never cease to be

For the soul the body is just like a cage

That changes from childhood (and) then to old age

At death he passes into another frame

For the wise death exists only in name

The coming and going of joy and distress

Are like the winter and summer’s changing dress

They’re felt with the senses, O archer superb,

Tolerate them without being disturbed

All those who know this truth in reality

Know that the soul never ceases to be

And that the body can never endure

This is seen by those who are pure

Know for certain that the soul cannot die,

No one can be killed or kill others say I

As we put on new clothes when the old ones are threw

The soul gives up one body and takes one anew

One who takes birth must again also die,

Even so Arjuna, there’s no need to cry

The birth and death cycle turn like a wheel

Perform your duty and fight on with zeal

Thus far I’ve spoken philosophic knowledge

Now hear of that work which frees one from bondage

You have a right to duty but not to its gain

You can neither possess, create, or maintain

Be steadfast in yoga, look not for reward

Work with detachment, giving all to your Lord

Arjuna said:

What are the traits of the surrendered soul,

Whose consciousness is ever fixed on the goal?

How does he speak and of what does he talk?

Tell me how does he sit and how does he walk?

The Supreme Personality of Godhead said:

When a man gives up all kinds of desire

Arisen from a mind with a lusty fire

And is satisfied with pleasure divine

He is known a sage of steady mind

  1. (When a man gives up all kinds of desire

Which arise in a mind with a lusty fire

And when his mind is thus purified

With the self alone he’ll be satisfied)

The senses are so strong that they surely can

Take away the mind of a learned man

Who is trying to keep them under control

But gets pulled away from life’s ultimate goal

From attachment comes lust, followed by hate

The cycle begins when one contemplates

The sensual pleasures and joys of this earth

But this is the cause of continued rebirth

What for all beings is the deepest night

For the self controlled is the broad daylight

And what all people see as the brightest day

Is seen by the sage in the opposite way

Rejecting notions of I, me, and mine

Free from desires, one attains peace of mind

Then even while lying on death’s dark bed

One is not confused and goes back to Godhead