Bhagavad Gita Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Bhagavad Gita

 Dhrtarastra said

  1. At holy Kuruksetra desiring to fight

And ready with all their military might

What did my sons and the sons Pandu do?

Please tell me Sanjaya, it was seen by you

Sanjaya said

  1. Seeing the army of the Pandu’s creation

Arranged in fine military formation

Duryodhan went to his teacher, hiding his fear

And thus spoke to him making his point very clear

Duryodhana said

3.Behold the great army of Pandu’s strong sons

Lead by your disciple, the intelligent one

  1. Their ranks filled with great heroes ready to fight

Bowmen equal to Arjuna and Bhima’s might.

  1. But our great soldiers cannot be impeded

For our army has never been defeated

  1. All these heroes are ready to die for my sake

They are well equipped and they won’t make mistakes

  1. Protected by Bhisma, our strength does outmeasure

The limits of Bhima, the Pandava’s treasure

  1. All of you give support to Bhisma our sire

Man your positions and be ready to fire

  1. Then Bhisma’s conch sounded like a lion’s roar

Assuring Duryodhan of his allegiance as before

  1. Conchshells and horns blew, (and) kettledrums did pound

Together they made a tumultuous sound


The Lord and Arjuna, conchshells in Their hands

Blew upon them like a transcendental band

And so did the Pandu’s, anxious for battle to start

The sounds shook the heavens, breaking the Kuru’s hearts

20,22,23. Arjuna determined, armed and ready to fight

Asked Lord Krsna to place his chariot in sight

Of the great soldiers with whom he must contend

To see those he would have to fight till the end

  1. Having thus been requested, the Lord complied

And drew the fine chariot between both sides

  1. In the midst of the all the warriors that were so near

The Lord said, (Partha) “Behold all the Kurus assembled here

  1. There he saw his teachers, cousins, even friends

Uncles, well wishers, there seemed to be no end

  1. Seeing all of them prepared for a terrible bout

Arjuna broke down and with compassion cried out:

28 -29. My body is quivering, my mouth has gone dry,

My body is trembling, my hair’s standing high

  1. I’m forgetting myself, I can’t stay here any more

I see only misfortune if we engage in this war

32-35. What is the value of kingdom and power

When my loved ones are gone, these joys will turn sour

I still would not fight, though the three worlds I gain

Let alone this one earth, it would only cause pain

37-38. Although these men are ready to fight and to win

Why should we engage in these acts of sin?

Thus destroying their family traditions

And creating all kinds of hellish conditions

  1. Alas, how strange it is that we would cause distress

To our kinsmen just to enjoy royal happiness

  1. Better for me if to the Kurus I yield

And let them kill me now on the battlefield

  1. Thus having spoken and revealing his heart,

Putting down his weapons, his mind torn apart,

Seeing no solution, finding no relief

Arjuna sat down overwhelmed with grief