Your Relationship with Vows

Being committed in a non-committal world

The scriptures are full of stories of devotees who kept their vows and promises.

  • Bhisma kept his vow never to marry despite many opportunities to do so.
  • Dasaratha kept his promise to his queen even though it ruined his life.
  • Bali kept his promise to Lord Vamanadeva even though it cost him his kingdom.
  • Vasudeva lost his children because he kept his promise to Kamsa.

Following your vows is a great challenge and you require a strong support system to do so. This workshop is that support system.

When Prabhupada was asked how can we remain determined to keep our vows, he didn’t give special instructions or secret formulas. In fact, he didn’t even say get up earlier, chant more attentively, or be more strict.

He simply said, “You promised; you gave your word.”

In other words, the fact that you gave your word should be enough to keep your vows.

On another occasion he said, “A human being knows what is promise, what is word of honor.”

When you are challenged by maya to break a promise or vow, your personal sense of honor is your saving grace.

This workshop offers you an opportunity to re-commit to your vows with greater depth and determination, to better understand why these vows are important for you and to know when a vow you wish to make is realistic for you.

In this workshop you will also learn:

  • How to tap into the incredible power you get from making a vow;
  • The fundamental success psychology needed to follow your vows;
  • Srila Prabhupada’s amazing definition of “vows ” and “word of honour.”
  • Who shouldn’t  be initiated and what is expected of initiated disciples;
  • How to keep your marriage vows when you are no longer “in love.”
  • What to do when you can’t fully keep a commitment;
  • How to deal with the guilt that comes from not following your vows.

Join us and explore your word of honor, your level of integrity, and your level of personal responsibility.

If you have taken a vow – or ever plan to make one – this workshop will prove indispensable for you.