The Sadhana Retreat – three and half days

The Sadhana Retreat takes the Bhakti Sadhana Course up a notch by adding more hours and holding it at a retreat center. This enables us to cover The Sadhana Course material in greater depth and in an environment especially conducive to introspection. The extended length of a retreat allows more time for exercises, group sharing, writing, contemplation and one on one discussion. This provides an even greater opportunity for bonding among the devotees in your temple.

At the retreat, we create a temple environment with a full morning/ evening program and hold classes throughout the day (there is ample time for personal reading, writing, reflection and extra chanting).  Thus, the retreat is especially powerful for those who don’t regularly attend a  temple morning program.
The retreat is three and a half days, beginning 5 pm the first day and ending in the afternoon the last day, usually done Thursday afternoon through Sunday afternoon. (The days, and the starting and ending times, can be adjusted as long as the total number of hours remains the same.)

A separate sadhana retreat can also be organized for your temple leaders as a means of becoming more inspired in Krishna consciousness and personal sadhana, as well as getting closer with one another. You may also wish to use the sublime retreat environment and experience as an ideal opportunity to plan your temple’s vision and goals.