Transforming Your Life Through Prayer

Getting in Touch With Your Personal Prayers

Would your life be a disaster if everyone one of your desires were fulfilled?

Or would it be a grand success?

Desire is a subtle form of prayer. It indicates to God and the universe what’s important to you. What are you subtly praying for?

Prayer is like a mirror because it reveals a lot about your faith, your aspirations, and your devotion – or lack of it.

In this workshop you will look into this mirror.

“Very often we underestimate the power of our prayers. After attending the enlightening seminar on Prayer I had an entirely new perspective at the way I look at life. Lavanya      

Do you ever pray out of fear, a fear that dictates you petition God to supply your material needs? Or do you ever pray because you desperately need to control a situation that’s out of your hands?

If you take a hard look at your prayers, you see how they reveal what is going on inside us – where we are really at. You will get a chance to do this and it will be very eye opening.

“It was truly an ecstatic experience doing some soul searching exercises in the workshop. It taught me how I could express myself with deep gratitude in the heart to our dearmost almighty Lord through a wonderful prayers.”

– Padmapriya

Your prayers reveal your personal aspirations for your spiritual life. If you are not praying to achieve higher and higher levels of God consciousness, it can mean you have lost some hope that you can become Krsna conscious in this life. We look at why you might be thinking this way and how to turn this around.

One of the highlights of the seminar was the vision I created of the kind of devotee I really want to be. This vision is giving me tremendous clarity in my spiritual life and has set the stage for many of my prayers. I feel like I have just been being pulled out of a cave into the light.”


In this workshop you will get to focus on uncovering your deepest spiritual aspirations, the obstacles that are preventing you from achieving them, and how to use personal prayer to gain the strength to attain your goals.

“In two hours I learned more than I had from several books. I left the workshop with a better sense of understanding about my goals and obstacles and what needs to be done to become more steady in my spiritual life. Thank you.”

– Tamal Krsna Das

In Transforming Your Life through Prayer, you look at what you ask from Krishna and investigate ways in which some of these desires may reflect misunderstandings, fears, unreal hopes, lack of purity, or unfounded concerns about surrendering to Krishna. Through confronting and working through these misgivings, you come to realize that faith in Krishna’s protection and love enables you to freely pray to advance in pure bhakti. This process is aided by an investigation of the essence of pure bhakti in philosophy and practice, through the study of the psychology behind the prayers of great devotees.

You are then ready to use prayer as a transcendental goal setting and life directions process in which you both confront your biggest personal obstacles to pure bhakti as well as our deepest Krishna conscious aspirations. You then develop personalized prayers as a means of empowering them to overcome those obstacles and move closer to their Krishna conscious goals.

Prayer is the highest form of goal setting, both because it makes those goals more active in your life and because Krishna is now on your goal setting team. (From Transforming Your Life through Prayer)

This workshop opens the heart in new ways and allows devotees to more deeply connect with and more freely express their Krishna conscious aspirations.