Finding Your Dharma

Connecting with your unique purpose in the mission of Srila Prabhupada

Inspiration is vital to our success in Krishna consciousness. And one of the greatest sources of inspiration is simply to connect with a service that resonates so deeply with our natural tendencies and abilities that it automatically draws out our enthusiasm and desire to engage in that service.

In Finding Your Dharma we help you uncover and connect with service(s) that truly inspires you, service(s) that reflects your unique aptitude, abilities, and nature.

And, as a by-product of this, your sadhana gets surcharged.

 In this workshop you will:

  • Reflect on what services would deeply inspire you in your spiritual life, considering your unique abilities, experience and nature;.
  • Reflect on what has been blocking you from doing more of what really inspires you;
  • Learn how the problems you constantly notice often indicate where your are meant to serve;
  • Discover to use your gifts to help as many people as possible and also earn money, or even earn a living, while doing so.

Finding Your Dharma is a weekend of introspective exercises, discussion, sharing and learning that helps you discover more about the music within you that Prabhupada wants you share with the world, and how to do that. .

“The seminar helped me realize how disconnected I was from what who I am on the psychologically level. Now that I have a clear sense of mission, I am really inspired. It is like all the lights in my life have been turned on.” Anil

When you don’t understand your nature and thus live accordingly, you can end up unfulfilled because you’ll often try to fill a role not meant for you. You might look at others with envy and think, “I should be like them,” even when you don’t have the same qualifications or nature that they have.

“I connected with something that was deep inside of me: I love kids and realized during the seminar that my calling is to create an organization that connects orphaned children with spiritually minded parents. The seminar not only helped me connect with this but it gave me the confidence and vision to be able to start working on it.” Sri Pati Dasi

You will learn:

  • To connect with your unique calling and purpose;
  • How to deal with doubts and fears about following your calling;
  • Why becoming clear about your mission naturally leads to achieving goals more quickly and easily;
  • Strategies to take you from where you are now to where you want to be.
  • How to turn obstacles into opportunities;

Devotees often ask, ” “What is my nature?” In this workshop you connect with your nature and create a service or project that is naturally inspiring to you, something you could enthusiastically work on day and night without tiring.

Devotees leave the seminar with an inspiring mission for themselves within ISKCON and a practical plan to achieve it.

“We are our own greatest source of inspiration. If we are overly dependent on outside inspiration, it is probably a sign that we are not connecting with our unique mission, our calling. Connecting with our mission in Prabhupada’s service makes is come alive.” (From Finding Your Dharma)