Workshops For People New To Krishna Consciousness

Soul Tools Courses

All workshops for new people are done under Mahatma Prabhu’s company Soul Tools or through The Mantra Project.

Workshops are professionally produced and are meant to also the kinds of people that normally would not visit our temples (or religious institutions) knows as “spiritual but not religious.”

People are encouraged to become spiritually pure in all their activities, not only for themselves but also to uplift the world.

The courses are grounded in Vedic wisdom as they apply to modern day living. The are interactive, easily understandable and to offer Krsna conscious solutions to common challenges.

Contact H G Mahatma Prabhu if you would like him to visit your center to deliver any of these workshops.

  • This is a hands-on workshop that takes you through spiritually based processes that enable you to completely forgive.

    And you can use these processes for the rest of your life.

    You will learn:

    • To isolate what it is about you that makes it difficult for you to forgive and see how that affects your other relationships.
    • To view hurt as a wonderful opportunity to grow in compassion and empathy.
    • That you do have a choice to forgive and that forgiveness is easier than you might imagine.
    • To see how an unforgiving heart is only hurting yourself and no one else.
    • That hurt provides many wonderful lessons which enhance our lives.

    And much more

    Even if you think that forgiveness is a huge challenge – or even impossible – we will make the process work for you.

    We welcome you on your journey to freedom.

  • If you do yoga, are thinking about starting yoga, are curious about yoga teachings and Eastern philosophy or are looking for a way to find more happiness and peace in your life, this course is designed for you.

    Or, if you feel the need to make lifestyle changes, evolve personally, overcome persistent problems or contribute to making the world a better place, this course is a God send for you.

    Yoga teachings can help you achieve your goals in a way that both uplifts your consciousness and uplifts the world.

    Finding perfect happiness and satisfaction by adjusting external situations is an endless struggle. Yoga wisdom teaches that happiness is not a condition, it is a state of consciousness. If you don’t have the ideal conditions, but have the right consciousness, you’ll be happy. How many times have we gotten what always wanted only to be disappointed?

    The solutions are not out there; the solutions are inside of us.

    Welcome on the path of yoga wisdom, wisdom enables you to achieve greater self- awareness and deeper levels of happiness, satisfaction and purpose.

  • Discover the wisdom and tools of yoga that help open your heart more than you ever thought possible.

    People describe the course as “a breath of fresh air,” “consciousness-changing,” and “an incredible way to ground yourself to better life.”  

    Knowledge is not just for knowing. It is meant to change you. The Bhakti Course is about transforming your heart.

    You will:

    • Gain clarity on the life changing wisdom of the sacred Vedic texts.
    • Get tools that enable you to bring the wisdom of bhakti into every aspect of your life.
    • Become more compassionate.
    • Get more in touch with yourself.
    • Be able to better deal with problems and challenges.
    • Become more grounded.
    • Gain deep insights about yourself, your life and your world.

    We welcome you to explore the path of bhakti, the path of love and devotion.

  • What is a mantra? How does it work? And what can it do for you?

    Mantra is sacred mystical sound that brings you to higher awareness and transcendence, even in the midst of everyday life. It is an easy and powerful way to make divine connection and thus find deeper satisfaction and inner peace.

    Mantra enters into the depths of your heart – where the soul resides – and cleanses your consciousness. Mantra meditation is the most powerful consciousness-raising technology known.

    Chanting will bring significant positive changes in your consciousness, and thus significant changes to your life. It helps you manifest spirituality in all aspects of your life.

    The process we teach you is simple to learn; you can practice it anywhere and at any time; and it is highly effective.

    We invite you to discover your inner wealth through the process of mantra meditation.

  • In this relationship building workshop we reveal time tested spiritual principles, strategies and skills that make relationships successful. The simplicity – yet depth – of these teachings make their practice and implementation in your relationship not only easy, but amazingly effective. These principles are so effective that they can even repair a deeply troubled relationship. In fact, these teachings are so universal and practical that they can help improve all of your relationships.

    We welcome you to improving all your relationships.

  • If you don’t control your mind, your mind will control your life.

    Too many people sabotage themselves because of fear, self-doubt, negative talk, and deeply engrained ways of thinking.

    As Lord Buddha said, “You are not punished for your anger; you are punished by your anger.” If you think about it, we are quite good at punishing ourselves.

    Are we bound to be controlled by our fears, doubts, and insecurities or pushed around by old habits or habitual ways of thinking? When faced with an unpleasant task must we be lethargic. When faced with difficulty must we become miserable or try to escape the pain through suppression, obsession, or substance abuse?

    Unfortunately, too often the answer is “yes.”

    If our thoughts are being made for us rather than by us, it leads to wrong decisions and a lot of trouble. Even though it appears that the mind is manipulated by an outside force and unwanted thoughts just show up and cause us to act against our will or better judgment, it doesn’t have to be this way.

    Spiritual teachings the world over tell us we are not the mind (or body) but a much higher being, a soul who observes the mind and body. As higher beings we do have the power to control our minds. We just need to connect with that higher self. And this is what this course is about. This course will be one of best investments of your time you can ever make.

  • We all have a need to control, be right, and attract attention. It is part of the our psychological makeup. The ego is insecure. This is not our pure state.

    The ego teaches you:

    • “I am what I have.” So you try to acquire more. But if your possessions define you, when you lose them you lose yourself.
    • “I am what I accomplish.” So you try to accomplish more. But when you fail to succeed, you identify yourself as a failure.
    • “I am my reputation, what other people think of me.” Your self-worth then is tied to other’s opinions.
    • “I am separate from everyone else.” This creates a need to be in competition with everyone else.
    • “I am a temporary physical body.” Then you identify with your clan, race or country, and fail to see those outside your group are also your brothers and sisters. (Sometimes the “other group” becomes your enemy simply because they are in the “other group”).
    • “I am separate from God.” Then you don’t see the world as sacred, or even try to play God.

    The more our mental energy is invested in defending our false sense of self, the more we deprive ourselves of the energy needed for honest introspection, real relationships, and spiritual growth.

    In short, a big ego is dangerous and destructive. It brings you and everyone around you down. It can prevent you from hearing important advice, good ideas or valuable feedback. It forces you to give more importance to proving your point than knowing or doing what is really right. And it keeps you spiritually blind.

    We invite you to explore the consciousness of living a life free of false identities.