Bhagavad Gita Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Bhagavad Gita

Because you are never envious of Me

I shall impart this most secret wisdom to thee

Knowing which you shall be relieved

From birth, death, old age and disease

Of all education, this knowledge is king

The most secret of all secrets, the purest thing

And because it gives direct self perception

It is the highest religious perfection

By my energy I pervade all that be

I am not in everyone, but everyone is in Me

Although I am everywhere and maintain all beings

I am not part of this world but the source of all things

The whole cosmic order is under Me

By My will everything happens automatically

I am ever detached from all these actions

Seated as though neutral without attraction

Mother nature is one of My energies

By my direction, she produces all beings

And by her laws the universe is created

And again and again it is annihilated

Foolish men deride Me when I descend

They think that I’m just like one of them

My transcendental nature they cannot see

Thus they don’t know Me as the Lord of all that be

The great souls, Oh Pritha, have no misconception

Under divine nature they are given protection

They are fully engaged only in serving Me

Knowing that I am the Supreme Personality

Always chanting my name in glorification

And endeavoring with great determination

Bowing down before Me with real emotion

These great souls ever worship Me with devotion

Others engaged in the mind’s speculation

Worship unreal forms of my representation

But I am the ritual, the butter and the fire

The father of the universe, mother and grandsire

I am the goal, the sustainer, the most dear friend

The basis of everything and what brings it to an end

I am death personified and I am immortality

Both spirit and matter exist within me

For those who worship Me exclusively

Meditating on my form devotionally

I preserve what they have and carry what they lack

Making sure they advance and never fall back

For those who worship other gods, I have this to say

They actually worship Me but do so in the wrong way

For I am the enjoyer of the worship of all

Those who do not recognize this will certainly fall

Worship of other beings will bring you to them

But those who worship Me will come to Me again

Even water, a flower, a leaf or a fruit

I accept when offered with love resolute

Whatever you do, whatever you eat

Place as an offering at my feet

And whatever you offer or give away

Offer it to Me in the very same way

By sacrificing for me, you will certainly be freed

From the bondage to work with its good and bad seeds

With your mind fixed on Me in this renounced way

You will be liberated and come to Me to stay

I am equal to all, I envy no one

But whoever renders service I treat like a son

If by chance he falls and commits a sin

If he’s determined to serve Me, I’ll purify him.

Engage your mind in always thinking of Me

Offer obeisances and worship as a devotee

Being fully absorbed in Me in this way

Surely you will come to Me without delay