Bhagavad Gita Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Bhagavad Gita

One who quits his body thinking of Me

No doubt attains my nature eternally

What one remembers during his last breath

One will certainly attain after death

Always think of Me in this form that you see

At the same time carry out your (prescribed) duty

With your mind and intelligence fixed on Me

Surely you will attain Me undoubtedly

Meditate on Me as the One who knows all

As the oldest, the controller, smallest of the small

Who is always a person, beyond imagination

Luminous like the sun, above the creation

After attaining Me, the great souls never see

This temporary world full of misery

Where repeated birth and death never end

For those who come to Me never take birth again

There is another nature we cannot see

It is beyond this world and exists eternally

It is supreme and is never changed

When this world is destroyed, that part remains

The Supreme Lord, the greatest of the great

Is attained by devotion without any taint

Although in His abode He is always remaining

Everything is in Him and He is all pervading

If the devotional path is the only one accepted

One achieves the results of all the others he rejected

By devotion all these results are attained

And at the end he comes to live with Me again