Bhagavad Gita Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Bhagavad Gita

1)To be a renunciate and a true yogi

   Give up your desires and simply work for Me

2) For yoga is the same as renunciation

   It means giving up sense gratification

5) Deliver yourself with the help of the mind

   Make it your friend or it will degrade you in time

6) When the mind is subdued, the Lord is attained

7) In that tranquil state, everything is the same

8) A person is realized and called a yogi

   When satisfied by realization of Me

   When fixed in transcendence and self controlled

   All is the same, be it pebbles, stones, or gold

14) One perfect in yoga always thinks of Me

     Fixing his mind on My Personality

17) In eating, sleeping, work, and recreation

     He becomes free from pain through moderation

26) From wherever the unsteady mind strolls

     Quickly subject it to the Supreme Lord’s control

27) The yogi whose mind is ever fixed on Me

     Attains supreme bliss and from sin is free

29) A pure soul (true yogi) sees me in all entities

     And sees all beings dwelling in Me

30) For one who sees Me in all that be

     I’m never lost nor is he lost to Me

Arjuna said:

33) The system of yoga which you have explained

     Appears impossible for the mind is untamed

Lord Krsna said:

35) Controlling the mind is hard I confess

     But detachment and practice bring one success

Arjuna said:

37) Tell me, O Krsna, of the destination

     Of a man who strives for self realization

     But due to desire does not persevere

     Is he without a position in any sphere

Lord Krsna said:

40)     One who does good, Arjuna, my friend

           Is never ruined now or in the end

41-45) In future lives he continues his quest

           And finally achieves complete success

47) Of all yogis, one who abides in Me

     Rendering service transcendentally

     And thinks of Me always in any condition

     Is the highest of all in My opinion