Bhagavad Gita Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Bhagavad Gita

Arjuna said:

1) Should I renounce work or work in devotion

Which of these two brings the greater promotion?

Lord Krsna replied:

2) Liberation can be had either way

   But work in devotion is better I say

6) Unless all work is devoted to Me

   Detachment alone cannot make one happy

7)   A pure soul with senses and mind fixed within

     Is dear to everyone and everyone to him

10) As a lotus is untouched by the water it’s in

     A devoted soul is never affected by sin

11) Giving up attachment the yogis still act

     With their body, mind and intellect

     And even with their senses, but only for

     Purification and nothing more

15) Good or bad acts, the Lord does not create

     But ignorant beings cause their own (ill) fate

16) When one is enlightened, nescience moves away

     All is revealed, as the sun lights the day

18) Through knowledge one sees all beings in common

     The dog, a dogeater, a cow, and a brahmin

19) For one who is fixed in such equanimity

     Birth and death are conquered undoubtedly

20) A pure soul neither rejoices or laments

     On obtaining pleasure or meeting the unpleasant

22) Sensual pleasures have a beginning and end

     And so the wise man does not delight in them

23) If sensual urges are tolerated

     And desires checked, one is well situated

26) Those aimed at perfection and self realization

     Are liberated and achieve the Supreme destination

29) I am the goal of all sacrifice and penance

     The Supreme Lord of all demigods and planets

     The well wisher of every living entity

     Knowing this will free one from all misery