Bhagavad Gita Chapter 16

Chapter 16 Bhagavad Gita

Fearlessness, living life in purity

To cultivate spiritual knowledge, charity

4) Pride, conceit, anger, and of course arrogance

   As well as harshness and total ignorance

   Are the qualities belonging to ungodly men

   Born with this nature, O Arjuna, My friend

5) Divine qualities open liberation’s door

   Ungodly qualities bind one more and more

7) The godless don’t know what is to be done

   Cleanliness, truth, and right action are found in none

8) They say the world’s unreal, there’s no God in control

   Life arises from matter, there is no soul

   Thus lost to themselves, with intelligence gone

   The engage in acts meant to destroy everyone

10) Taking shelter of lust and absorbed in pride

     Attracted by sin and never satisfied

11) They believe that sensual pleasure is life’s aim

     Thus their anxiety never seems to wane

14) They think, “So much wealth do I have today

     More will be mine, I’ll kill whoever’s in my way

     I’m the richest man surrounded by my (noble) friends

     There is none so powerful and happy as I am”

16) Perplexed by anxiety, bound to illusion

     They fall down to hell in their confusion

19) The envious and mischievous, lowest among men

     Are cast to lower species to take birth again

17) Deluded by wealth, acting impudently

     They make a show of spirituality

18) But actually criticize real religion

     Becoming envious of the God who lives within them

21) There are three gates that will surely lead one to hell

If you follow them you will never be well

They are lust, anger, and greed, this you should know

Give them up for they degrade the soul.