Bhagavad Gita Chapter 15

Chapter 15 Bhagavad Gita

  1. There is a tree whose roots grow upward and strong

   Its branches grow down, its leaves are Vedic songs

  1. These branches are the material modes three

   One who knows the Vedas is the knower of this tree

  1. No one can understand where this tree ends

   Where its foundation is or where it begins (how it extends)

   With persistence this tree you must sever

   With the ax of detachment, uproot it forever

  1. Seek that place from which one will never return

   And there surrender unto that Supreme Lord and learn

   That everything began and expanded from Him

   He always existed, from Him time begins

(That it is He from whom everything has come

And has extended since time first has begun)

  1. Those free from pride and the illusion it brings

   Who understand the eternal and give up (all) false things

   Who are done with material lust and its gain

   Who are freed from the dualities of joy and pain

5 con’t. Who unbewildered know how to surrender

             Attain the eternal kingdom forever

  1. That abode is not illumined by the moon or the sun

             Those who reach it never again to this world come

  1. All living beings are my parts eternally

   Struggling with the senses, they try to be free

  1. Different conceptions of life do they conceive

   Thus body after body do they achieve

  1. The foolish cannot understand with their glance

     How the soul quits the body, it isn’t by chance

  1. The self realized soul can see all this with his eye

     But others can’t see even though they may try

  1. The splendor of the sun comes from Me alone

     And the splendor of the moon is also My own

     I enter each planet with My energy

     Thus they stay in orbit perpetually

  1. I am seated in everyone’s heart you see

     (I’m seated in the heart of all entities)

     Remembrance, knowledge and forgetfulness come from Me

     By all the Vedas I am to be shown

     I complied Vedanta, to Me all Vedas are known

  1. All are fallible on this material plane

     But all are infallible in My domain

  1. Besides these two there is He who is called

     The Supreme Soul, the imperishable Lord

  1. Whoever has no doubt that I am Supreme

     Is certainly the knower of everything

     He therefore renders full service to Me

     In all respects and devotionally

  1. This is the most secret part of the Vedic tree

     O sinless one, it is now disclosed by Me

     (This is the most secret part of the Vedic hymns

       Now disclosed by Me, O one without sins)

     Whoever understands this will become wise

     And in his endeavors (efforts) perfection will arise