Bhagavad Gita Chapter 14

Chapter 14 Bhagavad Gita

  1. Again I shall explain this wisdom supreme

   Of all kinds of knowledge, this is the cream

   Fixed in this knowledge one can surely attain

   A nature like Mine, and never take birth again

  1. O Arjuna, of all species of life

     I’m the seed giving father, nature’s my wife

  1. Material nature consists of three modes

     Goodness, passion and ignorance are the roads

  1. The mode of goodness is better than the rest

     It frees one from sin and brings happiness

  1. The mode of passion is born of endless desire

   Binding one to work hard and never retire

  1. The mode of ignorance is delusion deep

     It results in madness, indolence and sleep

  1. Goodness brings joy, passion brings work for gain

   Ignorance covers knowledge and makes one insane

14&15. When one dies in goodness, higher planets are attained

             When dying in passion, one comes back to this plane

             But ignorance is the most dangerous of all

             For to the animal kingdom one does fall

  1. Goodness gives us the real knowledge we need

     The mode of passion produces lust and greed

     If the mode of ignorance comes to prevail

     Madness, illusion, and ignorance will hail

  1. When one sees that in all activity

     No other performer works than these modes three

     And when he knows the Lord who is beyond all these

     He attains my spiritual nature with ease

  1. When one is able to transcend these modes three

     From birth, old age and death he’ll be free

   And saved from all their stresses and strife

   And thus enjoy nectar within this life

  1. O Krsna, tell me what symptoms will I to see

     In one not affected by these modes three

     What is his behavior, how is it known

     How does he transcend the material modes?

22-25 He sees earth, stone and gold as one and the same

         And sees praise and blame different only in name

         He treats all alike, both enemy and friend

       And thus the three modes he is said to transcend

  1. If one who follows this devotional line

     And never fails at any place or time

     The modes of nature will never pull him on

   And thus he’ll come to the level of Brahman

   (He’ll rise above these modes without hesitation

   And thus come to the plane of Brahman realization)

  1. Of this Brahman, this impersonal force

     I am the basis, the ultimate source

     It cannot be destroyed, it never dies

     It is where ultimate happiness lies