Bhagavad Gita Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Bhagavad Gita


Arjuna said:

  1. Krsna, I want to learn all there is to know

   What is nature, God, the body, the soul?

Lord Krsna said

  1. Arjuna, the body is called the field

   And the soul, the knower, does its knowledge wield

  1. I’m also the knower in everyone you see

   And to know this is wisdom according to Me

8-12 Now I will declare all knowledge indeed

       All the rest is ignorance, things we don’t need

8-12 con’t Nonviolence, self control, humility,

                   Tolerance, learning well, simplicity,

                   Renunciation, self control, cleanliness

                   The absence of false ego, steadiness

8-12 con’t Perceiving the pain of birth, death and disease

                   Detachment from home and the things we don’t need

                   In pleasure and pain, never loosing the mind

                   Pure devotion to Me that never ends in time

8-12 con’t Aspiring to live a solitary life

                   Detachment from the masses and the strife

                   Accepting the importance of self realization

                   Searching for the absolute (ultimate) destination

  1. And now the knowable I shall explain

     Knowing which you shall taste the eternal plane

     The spirit is beginningless and under Me

     It lies beyond this world, beyond what we can see

  1. Everywhere are His hands, legs, eyes, ears, (and) faces

     In this way He exists, pervading all places

  1. He is beyond our power to see or to know

     Although far far away, He is near to all

  1. Although He appears divided, appears small

     He is one, never divided at all

     Although He’s the maintainer of all living beings

     He devours and develops all things

  1. In all that shines, He’s the source of light

     Unmanifested, beyond matter’s dark night

     He is knowledge, its object, and its goal

     He is in everyone’s heart, the Supersoul

  1. Knowledge, the knowable, and the body

     Have been summarily described by Me

     Only My devotees can understand this

     And attain My nature and achieve complete bliss

  1. Both nature and soul are far beyond time

     They’re controlled and transformed by this nature of mine

  1. Thus nature is the cause of activity’s chain

     But you are the cause of your pleasure and pain

  1. Thus the living being enjoys the episodes

     Of material life under the three modes

     Due to this contact nature will decide

     In what species he’ll live and how he’ll survive.

  1. Yet in this body there is still another

     The Lord who owns all, the real enjoyer

     Dwelling in all hearts He is playing the role

     Of permitter and witness, known as the Supersoul

  1. Whatever you see before you and behind

     Is only the field and its knower entwined

  1. One who sees the Lord along with the soul

     Does not degrade himself and heads towards the goal

  1. Those with the vision of eternity

     Can see that the soul is transcendent and free

     Despite contact with the body and mind

     The soul does nothing nor is ever entwined

  1. Those with the eyes of knowledge can see

     The difference between the soul and body

     (Those with the eyes of knowledge can know

       The difference between the body and soul)

     And understand how liberation is gained

     Thus in this world they’ll no longer remain