Bhagavad Gita Chapter 12

 Chapter 12 Bhagavad Gita

Arjuna asked

1. I want to know which is the best of these two

Those always engaged in service to You

Or those who worship the impersonal Brahman

The unmanifested unknowable One

Lord Krsna said

2. One who is fixed on my Personality

And is always engaged in worshiping Me

With great and transcendent faith in the goal

I consider to be the most perfect soul

  1. But those who worship Me as impersonal

As the unchanging, fixed and immovable

Who are self controlled and treat all equally

After many births will surrender to Me

  1. For those who want to realize the Supreme

As impersonal and formless, not shown, not seen

There will be trouble to achieve this goal

This path is hard for the embodied soul

6-7. But those who worship Me, giving up all their fruits

Devoted to me without other pursuits,

Thinking of Me and serving with devotion,

I swiftly deliver from the birth and death ocean

8-9. Fix your mind on Me, the Lord of all that be

Thus, without a doubt, you will always live in Me

But if you can’t think of Me without deviation

Then practice devotion in every situation

10-11. If this cannot be done, then just work for Me

In this way perfection will come gradually

But if you can’t work as I’ve described,

Work for a good cause and be satisfied

  1. One who is a friend to every entity

Who’s not envious and from false ego is free

Who sees joy and pain with an equal eye

Who is tolerant and always satisfied

  1. Who is self controlled and serves with devotion

Whose determination is deep as an ocean

Whose mind is fixed and intelligence is clear

To Me such a devotee is very dear

  1. To others he is never troublesome

And is never disturbed by anyone

He is equal in anxiety and fear

To Me such a devotee is very dear

  1. My devotee can live with more or with less

He has no cares, and is free from distress

He is renounced in all activity

Such a devotee is very dear to Me

  1. One who neither rejoices or grieves,

Nor laments or desires or has any needs

Who the good and bad affect equally

Such a devotee is very dear to Me

18 -19. One who is equal to enemies and friends

Always satisfied with whatever God sends

Self-controlled both in fame and infamy

Such a person is very dear to Me

  1. Those who follow this devotional path

Which has always existed and will always last

Who engage with faith, making Me the goal

Are very very dear to Me, this you should know