Bhagavad Gita Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Bhagavad Gita


Arjuna said:

By hearing the words that you’ve given so far

My illusion is gone, I see You as You are

But there is something I would like to see

Please show me Your form that pervades all that be

Lord Krsna said:

Behold, Arjuna, My great opulence

Many thousands of forms, multicolored, immense

This form can show you all there is to see

Everything is here in its entirety

You can’t see this in your present condition

Therefore I will give you spiritual vision

Sanjaya said:

Arjuna then saw all around him arise

Unlimited mouths and unlimited eyes

If thousands of suns rose at once in the night

That might resemble what came into sight

Arjuna could see by the Lord’s grace

The whole universe set in one place

Overwhelmed and not knowing what to say

                                                                    He bowed his head and began to pray

Arjuna said:

I see in Your body, O gigantic form

Everywhere eyes, mouths, bellies and arms

Your glories are endless, just like the skies

The sun and moon are Your own eyes

Your form is disturbing the planets so high

As they are disturbed, so also am I

All the soldiers with whom I must contend

I see rushing into You meeting their end

O Lord of lords tell me what do I see

I bow down to You be gracious to me

I know You’re the Lord but I don’t understand

Please tell me Your mission, please tell me Your plan

Lord Krsna said:

Time I am Arjuna, destroyer of all that be

And I have come to destroy all the soldiers you see

All soldiers will be slain except you brothers five

There is no one else who is going to survive

So get up and fight, win the fame you deserve

Conquer your enemies, enjoy the kingdom that is yours

They’re already put to death by my arrangement right

Just be but an instrument in the fight

Arjuna said:

The world becomes joyful on hearing Your name

Thus all become attached to singing of (about) Your fame

Although perfect beings offer You humble prayer

The ungodly men flee here and there

You are the origin of all creation

Beyond this material manifestation

The knower of all and all to be known

The supreme shelter, O limitless form

You are water, fire, air, everything

You are Brahma the first living being

Obeisances to You from the left and the right

You are the master of limitless might

I have wrongly addressed You as my friend

Not knowing that Your glories never end

Please forgive whatever I may have done

Sometimes out of madness, sometimes out of love

I have dishonored You many times

Joking with You as we sat and we dined

Sometimes together or in front of friends

Please excuse me, I’ll never do that again

You are the Lord to be worshiped by all

Thus I ask for mercy, at your feet I fall

As a father tolerates his own son

Please tolerate all the wrongs I have done

I am happy to see this form of You here

But still my mind is full of fear

Now please bestow upon me Your grace

And again show me Your beautiful face

Lord Krsna said

Seeing this form your mind is burning like fire

Be peaceful now and see the form you desire

Arjuna thus became free from fear

And told the Lord, “Now my mind is clear”

The form you are seeing is not understood

By doing what you may think is good

Only by devotion, pure and resolute

Can I really be seen and known in truth

He who serves Me with devotion and love

Who makes Me the goal of all that he does

And who is friendly to every living being

In the end will come back to Me