Bhagavad Gita Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Bhagavad Gita


Lord Krsna said:


O mighty armed Arjuna, just listen again

I shall speak further because you are my friend

From this knowledge there is much to be gained

It is better than what I have already explained


The demigods and sages don’t know my course

For in every respect, I am their source

He who knows me as the One without beginning

Is freed from the reactions of all his sinning


I am the source of everything that be

All creation emanates from Me

The wise who know this perfectly

Engage in my service and worship Me


The thoughts of my devotees dwell in Me,

They are engaged in my service devotedly,

They find great satisfaction and pleasure

Talking about Me amongst one another


To those who always serve me lovingly

I guide them so that they can come back to Me

To show special mercy, I who dwell within

Destroy with knowledge the ignorance of sin


Arjuna said;

I accept what you have said totally

Neither gods nor demons know your personality

Please tell me in detail of your divine powers

I could hear the nectar of your words for hours


Lord Krsna said:

I am seated in the heart of all living beings,

I am the beginning, middle and end of all things.

Of lights I am the sun, which ever follows its course,

And in living beings I am the living force.


Of bodies of water I am the sea,

And I am the banyan among all trees.

Of subduers I am time, the monarch among men,

Of creations I am the beginning, middle and end.


Of those who seek triumph, I’m morality.

I am adventure and I am also victory.

I am the silence born of the most secret things,

And of seasons I am flower bearing spring.

Of purifiers, the wind, of seasons I am spring


I am the conclusive truth among logicians,

Of fishes the shark, of the wise I am wisdom.

The splendid of the splendor, the gambling of cheats,

And inexhaustible time that everyone meets.


Of seasons I am flower-bearing spring,

Of letters I am A and I am all devouring.

Of rivers I am the Ganges that flows to the sea,

And I am the generating principle of all that is yet to be


Furthermore Arjuna, I am the generating seed

There is no being that can exist without Me.

Know that al beautiful and opulent things

From but a spark of my splendor do spring.


But what need is there for all this clarification,

For all of this detailed information?

By hearing all this what have you gained.

By one fragment of Myself, the cosmos is sustained