Mahatma Das

Mahatma Prabhu was born in Los Angeles, California in 1950. In 1969. At the age of 19 he first met Srila Prabhupada through The Bhagavad Gita As It Is, and then later that year met Srila Prabhupada personally in Los Angeles. In January of 1970 he moved into the temple in Berkeley, California and took first and second initiation that year.

He went on to do a variety of services including book distribution, sankirtan leader, temple president, college preaching, congregational development, and various educational projects. This has culminated in the work he does today developing workshops, websites, online courses and books both for devotees as well as the general public, organizations and corporations through his company Soul Tools. He practically shows the many ways that Krishna consciousness offers solutions to today’s challenges and writes and teaches in a way that resonates with people in general and helps them see life as a spiritual practice

Mahatma Prabhu is well known in ISKCON for his recorded and live music, most notably his recording of Brahma Samhita, but also for his workshops on such essential topics as Japa, Forgiveness, Humility, Vows and Marriage.

He is based Sri Dham Mayapur where he lives with his wife Jahnava and daughter Brajasundari. He travels about six months a year.

If you are interested in the kind of work he is doing or would like to help him, you can contact him at