Sandhya Aroti by Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Sandhya Aroti by Bhaktivinoda Thakura

1) All glories to the beautiful aroti

Ceremony of Gauracand.

It’s taking place on the banks of the Ganges

And attracting everyone.

2) On the Lord’s right is Nitaicand,

On His left is Sri Gadadhara.

Nearby stands Sri Advaita,

And Srinivas holds an umbrella.

3) Lord Caitanaya is seated on

A throne made of beautiful gems.

And Lord Brahma performs the arati

With all the demigods helping him.

4) Narahari and other devotees

Fan the Lord with camaras,

Sanjaya, Mukunda and Vasu

Gosh sweetly sing kirtana


5) Conchshells, bells, and karatals sound,

And mridungas are played sweetly.

The kirtana is so blissful

It’s like nectar to hear and see.

6) The brilliance of the Lord’s face

Conquers millions and millions of moons.

And His beautiful garland

Shines like mountains of glowing jewels.

7) Lord Shiva, Suka, and Narada

Are choking in ecstasy.

Thus Bhaktivinod envisions

Lord Caitanya’s glories.