Cause of our anger

Here H G Mahatma Prabhu very scrutinizingly teaches a devotee the cause of the anger and how to extinguish it.

It may seem that external situations cause us to become angry, but no situation or person can cause something to come out of us that doesn’t exist within us. Anger is not out there; it’s inside of us.

Is anger alive within you? If so, when someone rubs you the wrong way you’ll likely become angry. After all, you don’t have to return anger with anger.

This world has so many lessons to teach us, the main one being we are not controllers. Anger is usually a response to our frustration of not being the controller.

Anger is often connected with pride. A humble person doesn’t think he/she is  so important that everything has to go his way or her way. In other words, they don’t think they have a right be to upset if the world doesn’t work according to their plans.

Anger is what we create in response to a situation that upsets us. Yet, if we create it, we also can stop creating it, and we can create better ways to respond to future upset.

And remember that we punish ourselves with our anger.

The antidote to anger is compassion. Every time we become angry we are withholding compassion upon the person with whom we are angry.

See every provocation to anger as a test from Krsna. We should think that He is looking to see how we respond to difficult and frustrating people and situations