The Central Role Of Japa

The Central Role of Japa in the Practice of Bhakti

  • Chanting is the most important activity of our lives. Therefore we should make it the most important part of our day.
  • Chanting is the chief means of attaining love of God (Jiva Goswami).
  • Chanting is the yuga dharma.
  • At initiation, 16 rounds is the only process we vow to practice.
  • All nine processes are contained within chanting.
  • Chanting is the essence of our philosophy.
  • Your beads are your direct link with Krsna.
  • Sixteen rounds is our ticket back to Godhead.
  • 90 percent of our advancement comes from chanting
  • The goal of Krsna consciousness is to always remember Krsna, and chanting is the prime way to do this.
  • Chanting brings realizations, bliss and ecstasy greater than deserved for our level of advancement.