Stories Of Forgiveness – 3

A Yogi (a renowned seeker of spirituality) was having a bath on the edge of a flooded river. Because of the flood one scorpion happened to float by him. Seeing that the scorpion might die, the Yogi picked him up in his hand to take him out of the water. But immediately the scorpion bit him with a piercing poisonous bite.

Unmindful of the bite, the Yogi again picked up the scorpion and again the scorpion bit his hand. This continued to happen again and again until a man who had been watching approached the Yogi to ask why he was trying to help the nasty scorpion.

The Yogi said, “This poor scorpion does not give up his nature to bite so why should I give up my nature to help him.

We should never come down to the level of those who wish to harm us.