H G Mahatma Prabhu depends upon donations to support his many services and projects. If you appreciate his work, or have personally benefited from it, consider helping by offering a one time or monthly donation. (See below for details).

Below is a list of projects H G Mahatma Prabhu is currently maintaining, developing or hoping to develop in the near future as funds becomes available.

  1. Putting his live workshops (8 workshops) into online self-paced courses (workshops for both devotees and non devotees). Currently two free online courses exist and two paid for courses are in the making.
  2. Putting all of his live workshops into DVD multi-media format (workshops for both devotees and non devotees).
  3. Putting all his live workshops into audio format accompanied by work books available as a hard copy or as downloadable files (workshops for both devotees and non devotees).
  4. Turing all his live workshops into books.
  5. Developing a complete online bhakti school called Bhakti LIfe University and the further development of interactive websites that cater to people who know little or nothing about Krishna consciousness. To read details about this project, Click here.
  6. Further developing a company (called Corporate Sadhu) to do corporate trainings based on the principles of the Vedas.
  7. Further developing his company (called Soul Tools) to do more trainings, workshops, online courses and counseling for solely for people new to Krishna consciousness. The production of books for both devotees and non devotees (two are now near completion and three are in the pipeline).
  8. The maintenance of current websites (he has seven websites and two blogs – for both devotees and non devotees – and is presently developing a site for the Corporate Sadhu.
  9. The development of a retreat center outside of Vancouver in Saranagati Village called Himalaya West.The development of Bhakti Yoga Vancouver, a center teaching Krishna consciousness to people who know little or nothing about Krishna.

Modes of Sending Donations

1. Click here to donate by PayPal, to make a one time payment or check the box for a recurring payment ( of any amount you wish) as well.

2. Donate by Western Union, payable to Martin Hausner. Contact H G Mahatma Prabhu to see where to send the Western Union (or Money Gram) to, as he travels frequently.

3. Donate by check  to Chintamani PO Box 760 Alachua, Fl 32616

4. Donate by direct bank transfer in United States and India

a. Donate by sending money to United States:

Account Name: Martin Hausner Bank of America
Account Number: 898074855875
Swift Code:  BOFAUS3N  For US Dollar) BOFAUS6S ( Foreign Currency – non USD)
Wire Transfer Routing Number: 026009593
Branch address: 1116 W University Ave, Gainesville, FL 32601, United States

b. Donate by sending money to India:

Account name: Martin Allen Hausner
Account Number: 9120100 65322481
Swift Code: BB005, UTIB0000237
Branch Address: Axis Bank, Krishna Nagar, West Bengal

If you wish to speak to H G Mahatma Prabhu personally about donating, or other donation options, you can email him at