Devotee: As you said in your mail that greatest inspiration comes from service in connection with guru and Krsna! So honestly, I myself have been looking for that! So what's your instruction for me? Mahatma Prabhu: First you need to search your heart to find out what you really connect with, what you really like doing, your nature. You say you like to control. Perhaps you have a nature to organize. Control is okay, as long as you are gentle with people. Criticism is caused by pride and … [Read more...]

About Motivation

Guru is our shelter, our guide, and our friend. His instructions are our power. His instructions are like the wind, but your sails must be open to receive the wind. He doesn't open your sails for you. Self reliance and dependence go together as do wind and sails. Guru is not a crutch, but someone who is meant to help you become powerful. But it is good to have a friend who will hold you to a higher standard. Our greatest inspiration will come when we connect with a service that deeply … [Read more...]

Get Off the Couch

A letter to a devotee battling with a lack of will power..   how you feel is a perfect set up for failure. you are too negative to succeed. the only one who fails is the one who gives up. sounds like you have lost hope. never give up. you create your reality. do you realize you are full of negativity and guilt, even blaming Krsna for your failures. it is not His fault. anyone who thought like you would also feel bad. and your circumstances do not have to … [Read more...]

Anger towards children

H G Mahatma Prabhu here writes to a devotee how to deal with children when they don't listen and what to do when that might makes us angry.. Nothing can make you angry if you don't allow it. Don't teach your children to respond to situations with anger; teach them to respond with kindness, understanding and help. How do you teach them? You act with kindness and understanding. Your kids will be just like you. You are their acarya. What they see you doing as they are grow up tells them … [Read more...]

Baby Steps

Here H G Mahatma Prabhu very kindly acknowledges, converses, and encourages a devotee who was upset with the way life was for that devotee.. Devotee: Hare Krsna Mahatma Prabhuji, due to personal reasons I was upset and impulsively wrote you the last message. Mahatma Prabhu: Yes, it did seem you were upset. Devotee: I was also very angry at God/Krsna because His lila drives me crazy and I hate the games He plays with us but there is very little I can do to change the situation other … [Read more...]

Cause of our anger

Here H G Mahatma Prabhu very scrutinizingly teaches a devotee the cause of the anger and how to extinguish it. It may seem that external situations cause us to become angry, but no situation or person can cause something to come out of us that doesn't exist within us. Anger is not out there; it's inside of us. Is anger alive within you? If so, when someone rubs you the wrong way you'll likely become angry. After all, you don't have to return anger with anger. This world has so many … [Read more...]

Face Yourself

This is a short response given by H G Mahatma Prabhu to a devotee who wanted to know how to deal and balance the wanted and unwanted in one's life. The truth always lies somewhere in the middle. When you find yourself being too one sided, understand that you may be blocking out a part of the world that perhaps you don't want to acknowledge, what to speak of dealing with. This may be because a part of yourself finds it difficult to change or to accommodate other realities, so it is easier … [Read more...]

Bumps in the road

Here, H G Mahatma Prabhu advises to a devotee who found that life was full of challenges and that too tough ones. What you are experiencing are bumps in the road. Please tolerate them and use this time as an opportunity to become stronger and more Krsna conscious. We need these challenges to grow. My father also lived to be 92 years old. It is difficult for sure. Life in the material world is not supposed to be so easy, even though we wish it could be. But what makes it easy is that if … [Read more...]

React to Anger

In this letter H G Mahatma Prabhu replies to a devotee who wanted to know how to react when one gets angry? The dilemma for this devotee was to how to behave when others are seen not to behave properly although there is an intellectual understanding to not get angry and to tolerate. H G Mahatma Prabhu redefines anger reaction through his wisdom and realizations from the Sastras. It is not always the case that a devotee should not be angry. We can be angry that bogus religions are keeping … [Read more...]

Anger Control

In this letter H G Mahatma Prabhu replies to a devotee who is inquisitive as to how to understand and control anger. Anger is a secondary emotion. There is something deeper that causes your anger. In other words, your anger is a by-product of another emotion. What do you think is the cause of your anger? Anger has nothing to do with external situations or people's behavior. It may seem that these cause you to become angry. But nothing can cause something to come out of you if it … [Read more...]

Abusive Husbands

In this letter H G Mahatma Prabhu replies to a devotee who had an abusive husband and it was becoming difficult for her to tolerate the whims and abuses of her husband and was trying to seek advise. I am sorry to hear about the way your husband treats you. Whenever I hear of such things, my gut instinct is to tell women not to tolerate this. My intelligence, and experience, also tells me that tolerating such things gives the abusive person the signal that they can continue. The kind of … [Read more...]

16 Rounds

In this letter H G Mahatma Prabhu replies to a devotee who explains that it is sometimes difficult to chant 16 rounds a day because she is a stay home mother with a young child. It's a matter of making a resolve to do 16 rounds and then adjusting your life to support that resolve. The resolve alone may not be enough if your lifestyle doesn't support it. Secondly, as I said before, chanting properly will give you a taste, which will then make it easier to chant more. Of course, … [Read more...]