12 Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening

Another list of spiritual symptoms without mentioning God. Amazing!

And they are very ambiguous. This is due to the fact that these so-called spiritual teachers are not following a bona fide guru. They have omitted God from their spiritual teachings. Truly Kali-yuga in full swing.
Krsna, save this world!
Here is how we would use these teachings.
1) An increased tendency to follow the orders of the spiritual master and Krsna and stay out of maya rather to just let things happen.
2) Frequent attacks of tears of separation from Krsna.
3) Feelings of compassion for others and an appreciation of God in nature.
4) Frequent episodes of appreciating Krsna’s sakti in everything.
5) A tendency to think and act in a way that everything in this world is connected to Krsna’s service rather than to cease from material activities.
6) An unmistakable ability to not see oneself as the enjoyer.
7) Worrying about how to make the world Krsna conscious.
8) A loss of interest in any conflict that cannot make the world more Krsna conscious.
9) A loss of interest in interpreting the actions of others as anything other than being influenced by the three modes of nature.
10) A loss of interest in judging others based on the body.
11) A loss of interest in judging oneself to be better than others.
12) Gaining the ability to love God without expecting anything.