Signs of an unqualified spouse

According to The Don't Marry a Jerk Paradigm, the following four areas need to be in balance. You should find the following qualities in the other person in equal amount. If one is high but the other is low, you will have problems. You can trust the person. The person is committed to you or has the ability to commit if the relationship develops. You can rely on the person. You know the person well (you have spent enough time with him or her to know then well). Touch (have intimacy … [Read more...]

Illuminations 82- What to Pray For and How Krishna Reciprocates With Our Prayers

Srila Bhakti Siddhanta Sarasvati Thakura used to pace back and forth on his balcony and pose questions to himself, and then answer them. I do the same in this newsletter. I ask the questions of myself and then answer them. I ask subtle questions that I believe are important for our progress in Krishna consciousness. I ask about the nature of pure prayer: Is it wrong to pray to Krishna to protect us materially? Is it okay to pray to Krishna to fulfill material desires  that would help us in … [Read more...]

Integrity – Pretension

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Illuminations 81 – Discipleship

  Below is an article by His Holiness Varsana Swami. I liked this article so much that I wanted to share it with everyone, so I decided to send it as this month's newsletter. I trust you will find it insightful. May you always remember Krishna, Mahatma Das By Varsana Swami The efforts, austerities, and practices involved with the acceptance as a disciple do not end with initiation.  Rather they begin, in a formal sense, at that point. Whatever outer challenges or inner demons … [Read more...]

Illuminations 82 – Para qué orar y cómo Krishna retribuye nuestras oraciones. ( Spanish Translation)

Para qué orar y cómo Krishna retribuye nuestras oraciones. Estimado , Srila Bhaktididdhanta Sarasvati Thakura solía caminar de una lado a otro en su balcón y hacerse preguntas, y luego respondérselas. Haré lo mismo en este mensaje.  Me haré preguntas a mí mismo y luego las responderé. Haré preguntas sutiles que creo que son importantes para nuestro progreso en la conciencia de Krishna. s Pregunto acerca de la naturaleza pura de la oración: Está mal orar a Krishna por nuestra protección … [Read more...]

Illuminations 80 – Reasons We Blame or Criticize Others

Why do we criticize others? Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur said that we seek out the defects of others because of our “utter absence of humility.” But why would we notice another’s faults (when we don't have to) if it neither helps us, helps them or helps anybody? This question has always intrigued me. As I contemplated this question I discovered 37 answers (37 reasons we find fault with others). I share these answers with you in this newsletter. As you read the list you may find … [Read more...]

Main Principles of Japa

Aparadha, Namabhasa, Suddha nama   When namabhasa is complete, all sins and anarthas (unwanted desires in the heart) are dissipated, and the devotee chants purely. Then suddha-nama offers the devotee the highest spiritual success: love of Krsna. “Anyone wanting to attain the highest spiritual success of chanting purely must approach a bona fide spiritual master and serve him sincerely and with care. Gradually, as all the anarthas or unwanted desires in the heart are destroyed, the … [Read more...]

Japa Affirmations

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Meaning of the Name

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Prayer Workshop Ducuments

Prayer Affirmations I express my gratitude to Krsna for what I have in my life. I reveal to Krsna my anxietes, my faults and my sins. I pray to Krsna to help me deal with difficult situations. I pray to Krsna to overcome the specific obstacles on my path. I pray to Krsna to empower me to execute and increase my specific service to Him. I express my spiritual aspirations and hankerings to Krsna. I pray to Krsna for other’s benefit. I pray Krsna to offer myself to Him. I … [Read more...]

About Being Present to the Holy Names

Being present means to feel what you are feeling, see what you are seeing, hear what you are hearing, and taste what you are tasting. In other words, your mind is not somewhere else during these experiences. If your mind is not present you lose the actual experience you should be having, to one degree or another. It like when someone speaks to you and your mind is somewhere else and you don't hear what they are saying, or when you read a book and your mind drifts and you don't remember anything … [Read more...]

More Questions to ask a Potential Spouse

What do you need to know before deciding on a spouse? Many times devotees wonder what questions to ask their prospective spouses in order to determine if they are compatible enough to consider marriage. Traditionally, parents found a spouse for their children, because they could best understand the nature of their children and the compatibility of the couple. HG Vidvan Gauranga prabhu from Mayapur has compiled a list of questions that can be used for discussions to determine compatibility … [Read more...]

Questions to Ask a Potential Spouse

Questions to Ask a Potential Spouse By Mahatma das What follows are what I believe to be the some of the more important questions to ask one another. It's important to be thoroughly honest about who you are and your aspirations. In other words, when you like someone, you may say anything to please them in order to attract them and will like you because you want them to marry you. This is really a form of dishonesty that could end in a very bad marriage. For example, he may want to … [Read more...]

His Grace Mahatma Prabhu shares his vision here

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Illuminations 79 – No muera con su música en usted ( Spanish Translation )

No muera con su música en usted Queridos, La semana pasada inicie una nueva serie de clases en línea llamada Encontrando tu Dharma. Los devotos preguntan “¿Cómo sé mi naturaleza y encuentro mi inspiración?” Este boletín le ofrece maneras para contestar esa pregunta. Que siempre piense en Krishna. Mahatma Das Varita mágica Si tuviera una varita mágica y pudiera cambiar cualquier cosa ¿qué quisiera cambiar (qué problema o problemas quisiera solucionar)? ¿Le gustaría ver: … [Read more...]

Illuminations 79 – Don’t Die with Your Music in You

Dear All, Last month I finished a series of online classes on Finding Your Dharma. Devotees often ask, "How do I know my nature and how do I find my inspiration?"   This newsletter offers ways to answer this question. May you always think of Krsna, Mahatma Das Spanish Translation of this Newsletter P.S. - Mahatma Prabhu shares his realizations every few days through whatsapp. If you would like to receive short inspiring and insightful quotes to help you in your spiritual life, … [Read more...]

Illuminations 78 – How to Change this Year? You Need to Freak Out!

  Here are some thoughts about New Year's Resolutions. The ideas are simple but powerful, although not always so easy to follow. I have deeply studied the principles behind the ideas and found them immensely helpful. So give this newsletter a serious read.  It just might help you make some important changes in your life, service, sadhana or relationships that you haven't yet been able to make. May you always think of Krsna, Mahatma das PS. If you haven't seen the email I sent … [Read more...]

Illuminations 77 – Is Humility Compatible with a Healthy Self-esteem?

After five months of constant travel I return to Mayapur. Many priorities made it difficult to keep up with my newsletters. What I would have wanted to write if I had the time is expressed perfectly in the article below by my godsister Arcana Siddhi Devi Dasi. The article is about the difference between low self-esteem and humility. It is an important and often misunderstood topic. Low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence are becoming more and more pervasive. I felt this article to be … [Read more...]

Illuminations 76 – Why Marriages Don’t Last

I have been getting many letters recently asking how to choose a partner, and also asking why marriages don't last. For this newsletter I have taken all my responses and organized them into something cohesive. I felt it important to share this information because stable marriages are becoming more and more of a challenge today and I want to do my part in helping devotees make their marriages successful.  I hope this will be useful either to you or to someone you know. So please feel free to … [Read more...]

Fund Raising Letter

Dear , I am pretty excited about a vision I have. Imagine if every member of Iskcon capable of presenting Krishna consciousness to the public were able to support themselves teaching bhakti full time (a brahminical revolution!). And imagine that these brahmanas were as good as the best professional facilitators and speakers in the world Iskcon to the place it belongs in the world. I am desperate to make this happen. So, let me explain what I am doing now and why I can't do it all alone, and … [Read more...]