2017 Year Plan

Dear All,

With the coming of New Year we’d like to share our plans for 2017 and beyond. This year we decided to share our vision with videos and a mock website. On the videos I explain our ideas and the website is a visual model of what we would like to create over the next few years.

Please take time to look at these. I think you’ll become really inspired by what you see.  The videos and link to the website are found below in the order I’d like you to view them.

Our website is the canvas upon which we are creating our vision for Sattva and Sattva University. (Sattva is the new name for our company Soul Tools.) The site is meant to attract a wide audience to devotional service and is created to  resonate with the “spiritual but not religious market.”

You will see all the online courses, retreats, corporate training’s, free classes and books we want to create (a few have already been created). By clicking all the menu items and then reading the descriptions and checking out the video and audio content, you will get a feel for our brand and marketing approach.

To experience what Sattva can be, explore the site as if everything on the site existed today. We’ll talk about how to make this happen in the last video.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and thanks in advance for learning about Sattva.

Praying you are well.

Yours in the service of Srila Prabhupada,

Mahatma Das

What is Sattva’s goal and what is on the website

A little more about Sattva and how to help

Thanks for checking out the website and watching the videos. I believe this is an idea whose time has come and something that will make new and huge inroads in sharing our teachings with many thousands of people.

Read on to see what we need to do to make this happen.

What We Need?

  1. Course Development Department. Develops course material for live and online presentations. Requires teachers, writers, editors and researchers and at least one person with online content creation knowledge.
  2. Publication Department. Produces books and course materials. Requires writers, editors, proofreaders, transcribers, translators, and graphic artists.
  3. Mentorship Department. Assists students with their course work and personal life issues. Requires devotees with knowledge of course material and mentoring/coaching skills. 
  4. Online Hosting Department. Creates and supports a user friendly online experience. Requires knowledge of hosting and maintaining online education.
  5. Web Department. Creates/maintains websites and apps. Works with marketing department. Requires knowledge of web and app design and creation.
  6. Marketing Department. Creating digital marketing content to market online and live workshops and other products. Requires online marketing expertise, graphic designers, audio, video and media producers/editors and/or devotees willing to be training in these skills.
  7. Logistics Department. Plans and executes the live workshops and retreats. Requires organizational, administrative and negotiating skills.
  8. Administrative Department. To efficiently, legally and profitably run the business. Requires people with business administration, leadership, accounting, and/or management skills.
  9. Fund Raising Department. Raises donations, investments or loans. Requires fundraising, investment, and/or sales knowledge/ability.

What Kind of Funding is Needed?

I estimate we will require a minimum of $100,000 to employ a sufficient staff, outsource any work we are unable to do in house, print books (two books are ready) and build a simple infrastructure.

$100,000 is less than 5% of the average cost of building a temple, but the return on investment in terms of systematically educating large numbers of people is many times greater.

How You Can Help

  1. Offer volunteer service.
  2. Offer consultation/training if you have expertise in any of the areas mentioned above.
  3. Host our courses on your temple/project website.
  4. Spread the word about Sattva to people new to bhakti
  5. Arrange a corporate engagement for me where you work.
  6. Recommend friends/associates to take 1on1 Immersion Coaching (described on the Sattva website)
  7. Interest those who could help (service or financial) by sharing this project with them or encouraging them to help.
  8. Do a fundraising dinner, concert (I can do the concert if needed), program, table at Sunday Feast or festivals, etc.
  9. Offer financial support (one time or monthly).

How I Will Reciprocate

If you offer volunteer service, making loans, or investing, will be remunerated with free courses.

  1. Volunteers will be offered some free online courses.
  2. Lenders and investors will be offered some free online courses.
  3. Donors will be credited for online courses in the amount of their donation.
  4. If you donate $10,000 or more per year, I will make myself available for an entire weekend for you and your family. At that time, if needed, I can offer you as much personal assistance/guidance as you desire. And I will visit you anywhere in the world you choose.

If you want to help with service and/or funding, please fill out The Sattva Seva Form by clicking below.

Click Here

Or if you prefer to speak with me directly about your service or of financial help, I would love to talk. Please write me at mahatmadasa@gmail.com